Pritchard makes it a Happy Christmas

Carrow Road (256 Colours)BIRMINGHAM CITY 0 NORWICH CITY 2 | 🔰 Christmas just isn’t as good without a Norwich win. Thanks to goals from Alex Pritchard and Josh Murphy, Daniel Farke and his boys finally delivered the present we all wanted.

At Christmas, I always receive a Norwich City Calendar. I have done for the past 23 years. Unlike this Christmas staple, with City’s players, you don’t always know what you’re going to get.

There are those presents you receive but have no idea what they are. You prod and poke them, but are still none the wiser. There’s an item of clothing in there, but you’re not sure what! Mario Vrancic encapsulates this kind of an enigma. There’s a footballer in there, but one that could just as easily be a new pair of socks as the designer jacket you’ve been waiting all year to buy.

Then there’s that one present that stands out under the tree. It’s bigger than the others and beautifully wrapped with a bow on top. The one you’re most excited to open. In Alex Pritchard and James Madison, City are lucky to have two of these special gifts.

The pair combined brilliantly here for the first goal, with Pritchard turning provider for Josh Murphy’s nerve reducing second. With the January sales coming up, it’s highly likely one or both won’t be here come February. Which is a shame.

It does mean, however, to quote an infamous former City Manager, that it could be time for ‘new heroes’.

Jamal Lewis is Stuart Webber and Daniel Farke’s Christmas present to the Norwich faithful. Highlighted as a potential gem in the Summer, Farke gave the young Irishman his debut on Friday night. Here, he looked well at home. Another positive of a good day’s work.

As well as presents, the wonders of technology also continue to improve. 20 years ago I looked forward to receiving the latest albums on cassette tape. Nowadays through live streaming and smartphone and technology, I can watch Norwich City on my mobile device while the rest of the family enjoy Home Alone on DVD.

Christmas may not be as special as it was as a 10 year when I received my first Norwich City calendar. But a Norwich win is still as important in determining how good a Christmas it is!

Happy Christmas!

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