Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019
The New Den (16 Colours)

Last minute winners at the Den? That’s so 1989!

MILLWALL 4 NORWICH CITY 0 | 🔰 When chatting to Ipswich fans at a BBQ is preferable to listening to Norwich on the wireless you know something’s going wrong.

The New Den (16 Colours)MILLWALL 4 NORWICH CITY 0 | 🔰 When chatting to Ipswich fans at a BBQ is preferable to listening to Norwich on the wireless you know something’s going wrong.

Very rarely does a 3 o’clock family bbq work well when Norwich are playing.

I remember sneaking off to listen to Iwan Roberts score against some mid table nobodies back in the 90’s, while everyone else partied at a distant relations wedding. Or Gary Holt scoring a screamer at Hillsborough while the family enjoyed a boxing day lunch. Andrew Crofts replicating Justin Fashanu’s famous goal in Paul Lambert’s Championship promotion year while an ex-girlfriend’s parents enjoyed my company, also springs to mind…

Millwall (a) again…

My Dad recalls secretly watching Norwich at the old Den in 1989 on ITV, sitting quietly for 90 minutes before jumping up screaming at Robert Fleck’s last minute winner. The occasion – my sister’s second birthday party…

Robert Fleck v Millwall
Robert Fleck v Millwall. 1989.

My sister now knows better than to organise events when City are playing. Although she probably had no say in that one to be fair. More recently she’s had her wedding on a June afternoon. Her boy’s christening on a Sunday. But given the predicted good weather, this Saturday saw her organise a good old English barbie.

As per my girlfriend’s seemingly perfected modus operandi, we arrived at the 3 o’clock gathering 20 minutes late. Which gave us time to listen to Chris Goreham describe Norwich capitulate at the Den (new this time), being two-nil down before the coals were even warm.

Thankfully, having to make small talk with friends and family meant I was spared the carnage that followed.

Highlights. What highlights?

I’ve watched the highlights and frankly don’t want to talk about them. Giving the benefit of the doubt, you could say the new recruits are still acclimatising to a new league. Being harsh you’d say they’re lacking the required talent.

Either way, things have to change and fast. Given how quickly the team have adapted to Farke’s passing regime, surely the international break is long enough for the German to teach professional defenders how to defend.

Thankfully Ipswich lost on Saturday too (to the first decent side they’ve faced it must be said) or else the Tractor Boys at my sister’s BBQ would have been unbearable. (I know, I know, but living in rural Cambridgeshire you do come across them from time to time.) Long may their demise continue. Or I’ll be forced to retreat to a cupboard with no windows every Saturday afternoon.

Unwilling to listen to Norwich. Unable to attend gatherings of friends and family.

Daniel. You have two weeks…

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